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April 7th, 2010

02:41 pm - More than 140 characters
I blocked Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for myself so I can get work done.

It's a strange feeling. The YouTube block is surprisingly effective because it makes it so I don't dawdle around on blogs, either. Example tragedy: I can't watch a video that Dani posted about truffles.

And, of course, it's Hebrew homework.

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May 22nd, 2008

08:31 am - Daunting Question

When do we switch over our Facebook networks?

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March 23rd, 2008

10:00 am - New friends at the last minute

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January 26th, 2008

09:29 am
Just went on mySpace because I got a "comment." (Spam)

I looked at everyone's old profiles and it's fun, because it's basically a time-capsule of everyone's lives a year or more ago.

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January 19th, 2008

10:57 pm - When will I do my homework?
Asher's Extracurricular Schedule

Monday: Science Bowl, Little Shop, Robotics

Tuesday: Little Shop, Robotics

Wednesday: Little Shop, Robotics

Thursday: Science Bowl, Little Shop, Robotics

Friday: Nada

Saturday: Safe-cracking, Winterbottom

Sunday: Robotics, Little Shop, Winterbottom

Theoretically, I should hang out with friends on Friday. Except for the fact that I need some semblance of alone-time or else I will go absolutely nuts. Moral of the story: I guess I'm not going to have any friends for a while?

Also: How the hell am I supposed to figure out Sundays? x.x

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September 16th, 2007

03:34 pm - Lo hice my way.
I got this from my USC teacher's blog:

1. Go to http://www.careercruising.com/.
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their “Career Matchmaker” questions.
4. Post the top ten results

My results:

(I've gone ahead and bolded the ones that actually appeal to me)

1. Astronaut
2. Mining Engineer
3. Computer Engineer
4. Physicist
5. Electrical Engineer
6. Industrial Engineer
7. Camera Operator
8. Multimedia Developer
9. Broadcast Technician
10. Clergy

(I've gone ahead and italicized the ones I'm being sarcastic about)

26. Cartoonist/Comic Illustrator
36 (out of 40). Video Game Designer


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July 5th, 2007

01:13 am - Renter may use laundry machine at their own risk.
So I'm copying down this renter's agreement for my dad (as a favor and for money), and, seeing as how I am unaccustomed to reading legal jargon, my mind insists on reading it as a story. A long and excruciatingly boring story. It even refers to the renter and the owner as Renter and Owner, as if they were two friends who could never get along.

Anyway, I came onto this part and I just had to write it down somewhere.

"Owner will not be liable to Renter, nor shall Renter seek to hold Owner liable for interference with views, light, air flow, ventilation, or the covenant of quiet enjoyment."

People is sometimes kind

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June 20th, 2007

01:23 am - No one's talking.
What's everyone doing?


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June 6th, 2007

04:55 pm - Tango di Balloon
This is what kids in the industry like to call a "working prototype:"


(It has instructions this time)

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June 5th, 2007

04:02 pm - Rifiuto di cadere
Haha! For every devastating failure there is great success--> http://www.thomasanddarwin.com/Personal/Tension.swf

(Use your left and right arrows before it goes off screen)

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May 31st, 2007

09:42 pm
I've been working for a couple of days on the physics of a Balloon for this flash game I'm working on.

This is the result: http://www.thomasanddarwin.com/Personal/TensionSingle.swf


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April 27th, 2007

09:29 pm - Censorship
So I submit my article about the Israeli Independence Day assembly yesterday to the school newspaper. Nothing out of the ordinary. The lead was something like this:

"This year it was decided that Yom Ha’Atzmaut, the celebration of Israel’s independence, would be pushed back until the very end of the school day, April 24. The annual event had a rough start as hungry students filed into the amphitheatre for a late lunch expecting their equally annual free falafel. Due to an anonymous student’s lethal allergy to chickpeas, however, the Milken population walked away with only a few consolation Israeli flag shaped cookies to quietly snack on. Because of this small, sad turn of events the students prepared for a potentially equally disappointing assembly as they funneled into the Hollander Gym, unaware of the ridiculous amount of entertainment they would have and the sense of community they would feel, all due to the birthday of a country whose flags we dutifully nibbled at."

Alright. So it wasn't entirely sincere. I doubt that very few people in that gym felt any sense of community or had a "ridiculous amount" of fun. But everything in that paragraph (and the rest of the essay) tied together with itself so neatly. According to the Editor, however, the entire piece is too "Lifey" and not "Newsy" enough.

I don't really have a point to this, honestly. I'm just frustrated I have to essentially rewrite the whole thing even though I should have predicted this kind of response.

ANYway. The whole, unedited piece is after the jump if you really care enough or, just as likely, have nothing better to do.

JumpCollapse )

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April 5th, 2007

08:26 am - We're talking two-thousand years.
Back from Israel. It was fun. Details later... maybe.

It's just the little things that piss me off. I planned to get home and just plop down in front of the TV to relax. Turns out that the fam got a new cable box while I was gone. This means that all the shows I had set to record will... not. Which means that I have to reprogram the entire DVR, which isn't such a big deal in itself except for the fact that I don't actually remember what shows I had set to record. Had I known that we were replacing the box then I might actually have written them down.

I understand that this sounds spoiled-brattish. I understand that here are people out there who are not graced with a DVR at all and who have to actually remember what time their shows are on and what network. I understand that. What frustrates me is the fact that we got a DVR to make our lives easier. So that we wouldn't spend our lives waiting for the next commercial to end. So that we wouldn't have to worry about these stupid things. But when my dad goes around and 'fixes' or 'cleans' the system for borderline sensible reasons, which he has done more than once, I get frustrated.




Thinking things over that you thought you had put to rest -- a complete bitch?

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March 25th, 2007

12:39 am - Can an amenable enemy give an anemone an enema?
See y'all in ten days.

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February 5th, 2007

04:03 pm - Never stop talking.
I wrote this in Jew Law/History:

"Let's pretend for a moment that we don't have any non-verbal social cues. Let's pretend that our contact with others is limited to the words that come out of our mouths. What we have then is, essentially, a phone call. How meaningful, then, are those words? What does 'I miss you' mean when you can't see the frown on their face; when you can't tell if they're rolling their eyes or saying it to someone else? You can hear it in their voice, sure, but what happens if we lose the tone? What if we lose everything you hear and only have the language, the words. You have an instant message.

How seriously can you take words on a screen? "I miss you" has no e-hug attached to it, no regretful sigh tacked on the end. It's just eight letters at that point. About ten characters, depending on your punctuation, which can also screw with the meaning. Do you take "I love you." any more seriously than "I <3 u!!!"?


An advantage (or disadvantage, which I'll get to) of talking online is the saturation of time. There are no pauses, theoretically. There are just moments allotted for typing or brb breaks where time essentially stops. This opens up a whole new realm for the practically slow-witted. They can take their time and compose the perfect comeback. They can express exactly what they want or don't want to say. Because of these pseudo-pauses anyone who can work Wikipedia is suddenly well-read. Anyone on Thesaurus.com has a vocabulary out the fundament! They are, in theory, ten times the person they could be without the internet by their side, without the pauses to think.

Does this make them a better person? Are they simply reaching their potential? They have more to talk about sure. They have a broader pallet of knowledge of old video games and awesome videos. They can talk about Nietzsche and Chekhov or even Panic at the Disco. But does that matter?

Between a phone call and an IM conversation... which is more genuine? Is it in IM where the person in question has time to phrase what he thinks and feels exactly the way he wants to phrase it? Or is it on the phone, where awkward pauses spring up like weeds and no one ever knows exactly what to say. You can mumble or cough or sneeze and every little mannerism you tried to cover up in your writing comes out.

If there's someone who you really care about or need to talk to who's not standing right next to you then these are really the only two ways to go about it.

Without the hugs and the nods and the smiles all we have left is the conversation."

It's relevant. Really. This is my main source of agony, at the moment. Not the whole IM/phone thing. Not entirely. I feel like I don't know how to talk to people. I feel like every conversation I get into I tend to analyze back and forth, searching the depths of my brain for the best response. There are only x number of people who I can really talk to without thinking about it. Most of them I never see. And then there are people like Ben and Michael who have developed a certain speech pattern with me.

It's everybody in between, though. My superiors, my inferiors, my crushes, my acquaintances, my semi-kindafriends... I don't know how to talk to them.

I don't go around hugging everyone (unlike Ben), so the conversation is really my only way of communicating and boy do I suck at it.

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January 14th, 2007

05:43 pm - Asher is updating his status.
Comic 3
Panel 1:
T: In an attempt to better myself, I've decided that I'm going to read the dictionary.
D: So you've decided to become a professional ass.

Panel 2:
T: I-I don't see how the two are connected.
D: Well, you posses a reasonably rich vocabulary, right?
T: ...right.

Panel 3:
D: Any additions would most likely be completely superfluous. The only reason you might commit yourself to such drudgery would be to feed your superiority complex by making everyone around you feel inadequate for not knowing what the word "dubitative" means.

Panel 4:
T: Why do I still talk to you?
D: Because of our syzygy.

I can't tell if I like this one. I know Ben likes it because he helped, but I can't tell if this one is just... too much.

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January 12th, 2007

02:02 pm
Which sounds better, "External Monologue" or "Internal Dialogue"?


This question was about a webcomic I'm thinking of making. I was going to make up some prototype scripts and then show all y'all, but then I realized that I have no way of actually doing the art part.

Anyway, here are the first two scripts. Just picture them laid out in four panels.

Comic 1
Panel 1:
T: Today is a beautiful day, don't you think?

Panel 2:
D: I think that you're using a clichéd opinion of the outside world to mask the hopelessness of your inner insecurities and emotional problems.

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
T: Today is going to suck.
D: It's looking up.

Comic 2
Panel 1:
T: I can't decide how good I want to look today.
D: I suppose looking your best is out of the question?
Panel 2:
T: Well, I don't think I'm going to meet anyone new today. And my old friends will treat me the same no matter how much gel I put in my hair.
D: So what's the problem?
Panel 3:
T: There's always the chance that someone new will come along-
D: Who will have sex with you.
T: Whose company I would enjoy.
D: To have sex with.
Panel 4:
T: ...to have sex with.
D: Enjoy your gel.

Comments? Critiques?

Oh, and the only reason I used "T" and "D" is because that if I were to put these up, I wouldn't want to change the domain name. (www.thomasanddarwin.com)

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September 22nd, 2006

06:27 pm - "How far are you into House?" "Shh, I'm watching." "Is he in a coma yet?"
I'm going to write a new entry eventually, but for now:

My Demo Reel.

Shanah Tova.

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September 7th, 2006

04:40 pm - Family Pride
Who's that? Is it... is it...? Oh.

Just my sister.

In the New York Times, bitches.

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August 28th, 2006

09:02 am - Hattention:
So my LJ has been found by my mom and dad. And seeing how this wasn't made for them and I can't trust them not to look, I'm going to start making all my new entries private. I'll unlock them after, say, six months or so because nothing should be private for that long.

If you read my LJ and don't have an account you're going to have to make one and befriend me if you want to keep reading.

Comment to be added.

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August 18th, 2006

10:55 am - Ryan: "Suck a dick!"
In reguards to my last post:

I kinda got carried away. I get hooked on supporting a point and just roll with it. My phrasing wasn't perfect. "Screen actors" was in no way the right term because I've seen so many quality movies and television shows with quality acting in it. I was, actually, refering to the recent decline in decent kid's television. Nick and Disney, in reguards to their live action shows, have sucked recently and I was trying to find a reason.

Not to mention that I was surrounded by stage kids who, if I prestented the same argument to them, would agree with me without questioning anything.

In reguards to my current post:

Nothing. I haven't written it yet.


So I've been taking a couple classes in an attempt to better myself. I've been taking Guitar lessons because, let's face it, it's a handy instrument to know. Granted I'll look like a complete doofus around Sean, but in the everyday sort of way it'll be nice to just be able to sit down and roll out some easy-to-play tunes. But the guitar itself is not the point. With the whole "girlfriend thing" going on, I am no longer focused on getting some strange ass, persay. I have the opportunity to back off and just watch people. My mom introduced me to the sport and I've adopted it fully. I love people-watching. It's enlightening and disturbing.

ANYway, in the guitar class I'm surrounded by a bunch of 12-14 year old girls because the one remaining boy had left mid-session to start rehersal for some broadway thing he's going to be in. And these little girls, in all honesty, scare me. They represent a trend that has started popping up among the lower-middle to upper-upper class girls. They have started classifying themselves.

Not classifying in the scientific "Hemiptera Pentatomidae" sense, but rather in the prejudice, stereotypical sense that, I beleive, most of us were taught to avoid. They look for a stereotype that they could easily fit into and lovingly embrace it. It's a warm, comfortable thing for them to know exactly where they belong and they flock to it. They love being called "Slut"s or "Spolied" or "Ditzy" or a "Bitch" because that's just who they are. (gag)

Take, for instance, this one girl in the class who refuses to learn because she thinks she's too stupid. Or rather "ditzy" as she puts it. But she doesn't say it with a sigh or frustration, but rather with an accepting smile. It's just "who she is" and she'll just find a way to get through life by being an idiot. A friend of mine, Tavia I think, was telling me about this all-girls school she went to where, in second grade, the girls were all asked what they'd like to be when they grow up. One girl said that she wanted to be "A trophy wife."

That horrifies me. That sickens me.

I understand the idea that people can yearn to be a stereotype. I have myself. I've classified myself as a "geek" and a "nerd" and "weird" and all that because I know there are other people out there just like me who I can bond with. I can't be alone if there's already a label for what I am. But the thing is, from my point of view, there is nothing negative about those words. We supposedly have a worse social life and are insanely pale and live in front of our computers, but those are just superfluous parts of my 'classification.' Those components can be taken or forgotten, depending on the person.

But to call yourself a "slut" or a "bitch" or a "ditz," is negative from the getgo. It means that you either don't care about your body or that you're just an idiot. That's it. The only other implied part of these labels is that you're probably attractive. (And that's not even true most of the time!) These girls are growing up around the time when Paris Hilton is in almost every magazine for being everything that's wrong with the world and these little girls eat it up.

I feel kind of silly. I feel like I'm being a modernFrederic Wertham. He's the guy who "killed comics" supposedly by writing this book that said that all the superhero stories of his day were corrupting the young and innocent and turning them into violent killing machines. This has been proven to be, generally, not true.

It seems like I'm saying the same stuff about the "corruption of our youth" and so on and soforth, but this seems actually tangible. If you look at the little girls who grinddance to "My Humps" you'll see what I mean. This new trend of being "dumb slutty whore bitches" is not positive in any light. It does not inspire girls to be creative or intelligent, but the exact opposite. It even tells boys that they should treat women as such, which might be the worst thing of all.

I... I'm not sure where I was going with this. But I felt like I had to rant. All the girls under fourteen around here seem to act this way and it truely pissed me off.

I like it when you guys contradict me. It's good when you poke holes in my arguments and tell me everything that I said wrong. It helps me think. But, honestly, try to think of a way to destroy this post. I want to see how you pull that off. My prose isn't at its best, though.

I can't really respond to yours guyses comments because I never have a chance to get on the computer and when I do the internet is dead-slow. It takes 5-10 minutes to get to this page, much less GMail. So instead I'll do what I did today: respond to you in mass.

And so I finish.

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August 16th, 2006

10:54 am - "Ben Moss made his grandparents so proud they exploded."
Me: Did they have to tear down the fourth wall like that?
Mike: Your mom's the fourth wall.
Me: My mom is the border between reality and fiction?
Ryan: How surreal!


I'm not sure how many of you know the plot to Sweeny Todd, so I'll late out the basic concept for you. A barber slices people's throats and then gives them to a baker to make meat pie. It sounds pointless and downright evil, but the characters have reasonable motivation and it's such an awesome show. When done right. I've heard a lot about the most recent Broadway production and have heard sincerely mixed reviews. (Hayley wouldn't stop raving, while my mom and sister left at intermission.) My camp, French Woods, just put on a production of it and I absolutely loved it. No hesitation. Some of the actor's couldn't sing right and some of the acting was blah. It's a kids camp and to be expected.

But Sweeny Todd stole the show.

Let me take a moment to describe Ben Moss, who sleeps a couple bunks away.. He's the nicest, sweetest guy you'll ever be likely to meet. He's nice to everyone he meets, doesn't start any fights, and never seems to have a bad day. He's always got a smile on and he loves to act. He's skinny, but has broadish shoulders.

And now let's look at the part of Sweeny Todd. He's generally played by a large, slightly overweight man with a nice deep bass voice. His motivation is that he hates the world because his wife was brutally humiliated and kills almost everyone who gets in his way with his razor. He realizes at the end of act one that everyone deserves to die and loses all moral reserves about "serving anyone, no matter who, TO anyone."

Ben Moss plays Sweeny. It's not to be expected, honestly. Before I saw the show I was worried. But as soon as it started and I saw him dressed in a dirty sports jacket with his skin lightened to a frightening point, I just layed back and watched. I laughed at all the right places and I gasped/jumped when I was supposed to. But it wasn't until the song "Epiphany" (dunno how to spell it) that I realized how amazing Ben Moss was as an actor. Earlier I saw him laughing softly at a joke in a small circle of friends. It was kind of sweet. An hour or so later he had just jumped into the audience, bathed in red light and was screaming his heart out in my face about how everyone deserved to die. He climbed/jumped into the audience and put one foot up on the second row of bleachers. With his razor held up high he screamed for his beloved daughter Joanna. Ben Moss was nowhere to be seen. Only the angry barber Sweeny Todd of Fleet Street.

To say I was amazed would be accurate, though somewhat of an understatement. Earlier this year I decided that all actors were the same. I had, of course, just been on the set of Zoey 101, so my judgement might have been skewed. I came to the understanding that all actors were typecast. The casting directors would take one look at their mannerisms and how pretty they were and decide if they, themselves, would be a good fit for the roles they were playing. Granted, this is a good policy when making a show that generally does not require the actors to, y'know, act. But by choosing these kids it means that they never plan to have the characters show any reasonable amount of emotion or change in any real way. That is generally not how stories with quality work. It's how the live-action shows on Nickelodean work.

So here I draw the line between stage actors and screen actors. Stage actors learn how to mold themselves into a character. They draw upon their own experiences and apply them to the character they are trying to portray. They learn to be sad when they have to be sad and angry when they have to be angry. They have to make the audience empathise with them or else the show will fail miserably and they have to do it for multiple preformances. They spend weeks learning scripts back and forth that they have to memorize in their entirety. Except for the three-line cameos, there is generally a lot to memorize all at once. Stage actors know how to work.

The admitedly fewer screen actors I have met posess a few of these qualities. If they understand anything, it is the repitition. They learn, lets say, five to ten lines for a longish scene and then they say them. They say the lines as if they were saying them, not as if their character was. It works because, as it has been established, they have been casted to be themselves. This is the majority of their job. The worst part for them is the heat. In cramped stages or out in the sun or under the massive lights, the temperature rises and gives the actors the illusion that they are working the hardest they ever have.

They do one good take and it is set in stone. Ben Moss had to scream his heart out for four nights in a row, without room for mistake.

I think that is enough. I understand that this has nothing to actually do with my own life, but I've had little to do at camp besides sitting around and reading/thinking whatever. And this topic kept coming up. So I address it here in my own private forum and then I finish.


Camp has been relaxing. The whole "having a girlfriend" thing has taken away from the constant drama of the last two years. And I learned how to do a magical thing I never even considered before. It took me sixteen years to learn how to just... relax.

There's a hammock in front of our bunk. Evan, my bunkmate, was kind enough to get here first session and to put it up, offering its services to all who wish it. So one day, a couple days ago, I wandered over, slipped off my sandals, put on some Frank Sinatra, and just laid back. It was amazing. It was breathtaking. I wasn't worried about anything. Not about girls or school or T&D. Just... nothing. I had never done that before. Time streached and skewed by and I was just laying their, gently rocking back and forth.

It was very zen.

Strange. I don't have very much to say about camp. It's fun. I've been working out some. I dunno.

Life's good.

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August 4th, 2006

08:16 pm - Send me things.
My Name
C/o French Woods
350 Bouchoux Brook Road
Hancock, NY 13783

Post Script: Happy Early Birthday Yael! Sorry I'm missing it. I'll get you an awesome presant, just wait.

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August 3rd, 2006

09:43 pm - Skehedual
A Day

1: Calculus Honors - Ms. Valladares

2: Advisory 11 - Ms. Kattler

3: Kehilla 11 - Ms. McHale

4: Hebrew Basic 3 - Ms. Markman

5: AP Physics C - Mr. Ahad

6: Adv. Israeli Dance - Mr. Dassa (Hah!)

B Day

1: Free (I get to come to school late. Wewt.)

2: Advisory 11 - Ms. Kattler

3: American Lit 1 - Mr. Martin

4: Fund Jew Law II - Ms. Kattler

5: Journalism - Mr. Frangipane (Fran-gi-pane?)

6: US History - Ms. Guth


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July 24th, 2006

05:22 pm
I don't know where my talent went. It worries me.

I'm not going to say I was any such Lord of The Dance or anything remotely close, but at least I could dance. I could learn dances and I could follow the steps and I could enjoy myself. Something's happened over the summer that botched all such progress. My feet are the main problem. They don't listen to me when I tell them to go and they refuse to believe that the counts in a song mean anything. They just grudgingly travel along the line and grumble when I tell them to cross or hop or any other sort of move. My small smurf of what you could call 'talent' for Israeli Dance has clumsily left the building.

There's a good chance that it has something to do with my recent loss of passion. You heard me, you virtual stalkers, I, over the course of the summer, have misplaced my passion for what I do. I tried putting it all into my web cartoon, Thomas and Darwin. I started cramming all my energy into a single project that I'm not truly happy with. I've tried redesigning, reassembling, retconning, reassessing and restarting the cartoon in hopes of improving it. But I've had no such luck. I simply do not like Thomas and Darwin. I think it's stupid.

The only way I could see to possibly revive it and make it into something worth while is to actually change the characters. I've had this looming problem hovering over me ever since I started the cartoon. One of the main characters is stupid. He laughs at penis jokes and does his best to appeal to the lowest common denominator. And when I say "lowest common denominator" I'm speaking of a certain audience that I have gone out of my way to analyze, despise, and insult in that order.

I am talking about the audience of Zoey 101, which has been conveniently directed to a cartoon that appeals to them. Here's a direct quote from the T&D forum:

"sue d nym sounds a lot like pseudonym. or maybe it's just me.
and pseudonym is probably the biggest word i have ever used in my life."

I do enjoy how easily the audience of Zoey 101 is baffled. It's actually quite amusing. What bothers me is that they encompass some 90% of our fanbase. As much as I love going over people's heads and using big words that they don't know (It's not even that big of a word!), I would appreciate it if someone understood the casual little references I put in. Be it a MacGuffin, a Shakespeare quote, a loving homage to Calvin and Hobbes, or whatever. These people just would not get it. And the only reason they keep coming back is because of the jokes in between. The jokes that, recently, have taken over most of our cartoons. Sex jokes, fart jokes, sexIST jokes, stupid jokes, and joke like material. Jokes that I admittedly laugh at, but in no way appreciate. I hate the people it attracts and I hate the kind of people it creates.

[Revision: Thus begins a rant about Zoey 101. If you don't really care, just skip down to the asterix (*).]

Lets take, I dunno, a random example of a show. Zoey 101, let's say. While the new season was running the show was the number one watched in that prime time slot for 7-12 year olds. This is the age right after kids learn basic reading and writing and right before they start dealing with the real life that is sex, drugs, and rock and roll. This is not only where their creative minds develop, but where their problem-solving skills should be constructed around real life problems that they can face. While I think it's nice that they can watch the whacky escapist adventures of Chase going after his never-love Zoey, I do not think that little girls, who cannot separate fantasy from reality, should be exposed to this.

The show is too far from real life and too close at the same time.

The problems, I will concede, are reasonable enough. Someone will like someone they're not supposed to, something gets stolen, someone is spying/stalking someone else. Whatever. Okay. These things happen. It's the way that problems get solved in the show that bothers me. Zoey will be a genius and put everyone in perspective or they all put together an over-elaborate scheme (that works, which is what bothers me), or Quinn might pull out one of her deus ex machina inventions to make all their conflicts go away.

The difficulties they face are superficial, their solutions they employ always work, and no one is ever wrong. That last one is not entirely correct. The characters, often enough, will be incorrect. They will say something not entirely true. But never, and I mean never-ever, do the people in the show differ in any sort of moral basis. They all think the same things are right and wrong and they all like the same music and and they all are the same exact character with minor inconsistencies. Logan's the arrogant jerk, Lola is an actress (and an ethnicity), Chase is the clumsy good guy, Quinn is smart, and Zoey is perfect. It's like those old 80s college movies where every character was a plot device. Except there's less sex. But they all get along perfectly. Quinn never feels out of place for being smart, Logan is included in all their activities despite being hated, and no one is envious of Zoey's perfection. It pisses me off every time I watch.

The kids who watch this start to think that that's how life is. They start believing that if they all conform and start listening to the same music, obsess over boys, pretend your parents don't exist (except for their money), and attend a pretentious boarding school, that their lives will be easy and all their problems will be solved in a condensed thirty minutes.

*I kinda got off track from my original point. Basically what I did just there was compare Zoey 101 to Boy Meets World. But these kids don't know Boy Meets World and probably never will. These kids will never learn how to solve life's problems and end up running away to their computers and mySpaces and fansites to avoid any real conflict. And it bothers me.

I actually ranted all of this to my mom and she told me to stop whining. She told me I should start thinking about what I could do about it and that this was all just an opportunity for me to write a better children's show. Sure. I would actually like to do that. One day. Not today. Right now I want to figure out what I can do about Thomas and Darwin.

I think this whole "team work" thing has brought me down. I would be happy if I could just sit down and write all the episodes and then record them and then animate them. I would be ecstatic if such a process were possible. Admittedly, it is. I would only have to get rid of one minor obstacle to the creative process. Sean. Basically, at the moment, if I'm going to write any joke it has to go through Sean. He has to 'get' the joke. And, in reality, he doesn't always get the jokes I put in the scripts. Either he doesn't know why it's there and I feel I have to take it out, which isn't really a common occurrence, or, more likely, we go to record and he just missays or skips over what he doesn't understand. And so I am obligated to write material he will understand. This material has been recently dubbed as "Gabe humor."

And so I am at a crossroads. Either I continue writing episodes I am not proud of or T&D gets discontinued. And those are not very pretty options.

Luckily, I've just considered a third option. I'm going to try to write around Sean. I will do my best to explain my jokes to him. He's not a bad person, after all. He's not any less or worse of a person than I am. He is simply... less versed. And so I will try to verse him. And if all else fails...

I don't know how to finish that sentence.

I was going to write more, but I'd be lucky if any of you read this entire thing. I won't torture you with any more of my ratings or introretrospective blabber. Though I am going to try to LJ more. I'm just making up for lost time.

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July 15th, 2006

03:51 pm - Life's a party. You're not invited.
Alright, more Birthday plans. If I were to say, possibly, that I were having my party at this video game place, would any of y'all be interested in coming? Please don't rant about how bad the party would be. I just wanna know who's interested. Tankyeh.

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July 6th, 2006

06:20 pm - And I'm sorry, Mr. Jones
I'm having trouble. I'm not happy with T&D lately. I can't seem to balance quality with humor. But indulge me for a minute. Ignoring sounds problems or the graphics or whatever, could you let me know what you've enjoyed in T&D and what you've despised? I'm in a great soggy lump of ugh right now so any help would be exponentially apreciated.

It might also have something to do with my inability to write at the moment. Hopefully I'll revisit this post, but... I make no promises.

Gratzi in advance.

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July 4th, 2006

05:33 pm - Love? Love is for the living.
What should I do for my birthday?

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June 13th, 2006

06:19 pm - Le Tired.
Alright, so I've kinda just been working for the last eight hours straight to finish the new T&D before I leave for Prauge and... I did it.

The Main Page will tell you the details and link you to the episode.

I'm gonna go to bed.

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May 23rd, 2006

09:24 pm - An Unsent Letter
Dear Ms. McHale,Collapse )

Okay, that last part wouldn't actually be in the letter. But still. Goddamnit it.

Wow, I just double-spaced that letter in word and found out that it is technically a four page essay. I must really hate her. She went over the line today and I can't forgive her for that.

I set up the lights for town meeting today. They didn't go exactly as planned because someone had forgotten to tell me how narrowly put together the tables would be, forcing me to use only two of the booms (Those tall, metal rods) of the eight brought out x.x. But such is life. Everyone who needed to be was well lit and all the screw-ups were sound related. It was a good experience and I learned how to put lights on booms and how to efficiently cable and I worked out my forearms and yadda yadda. So I was cleaning up everything so that a PE class could use the gym and Ms. Heller could use the theatre. The breakdown took a little while though and it was about ten minutes into the next class when I got a note from Brent and was going to walk it back to my Hebrew class. I ran into Sean who was supposed to be looking for me and just gave him the note instead. He just laughed it off and said I wasn't missing much. So I went back to work curling cables and refastening lights. Brent came up the stairs a couple minutes later looking exhasperated and said that Ms. Sheckter had stormed backstage and demanded that I be sent to class.

Just take a moment to absorb that.

Ms. Scheckekter heard that I was still at school and, after she got the note from Sean, left the class in a rage, as he described it. She left the class. She stopped teaching some twenty-odd students that were there to learn to go fetch me and Bloch, who was also helping out. She gave me this sneer as I got into the classroom and then yelled at us after the class was dismissed that I should have asked her permission first and that she wouldn't have given it to me. She told me that this class was sooo important and that I could not afford to miss it. We did no assignments. We went over one more reading comprehension track and then class was over. I was no better prepared for the final than I was an hour before. I gained nothing from that class. She yelled and then I left and then I put it into the back of my mind.

Fast forward to history, sixth period. We're preparing for the final. Mr. Krauss is teaching us about some war that I know nothing about. (And still know nothing for reasons explained.) Korea, during the Korean War, was split into two. North and South-Ms. McHale walks in. She asks to see me. Outside of the classroom with no hint of a smile on her face, she sends me to her office and tells me to wait for her there.

I brood. I know what this is about. This is about me missing Hebrew. This is about me devoting a chunk of my life to making the student debates a little more important than the other town meetings. This is about me missing the first half-hour of Hebrew, a subject that I don't care about and never will. Ms Schechter, a bitch who won't go out of her way to check her box for student's homework, is willing to spend her time describing how badly I should be punished. And why the hell was I just standing there in the hallway? Mr. Krauss was teaching me stuff I could actually use in a class that I am not happy to be struggeling in. And I was just standing there. She came back eventually with Bloch. I intended to tell her right then and there that I was upset with how she was wasting my time and could have taken two seconds to think about the geography of the school before grabbing me in building two and then Bloch in building four.

Nothing came out of course. I said nothing. I merely took the usual student stance of trying to defend myself and pass the blame onto other people. Except Brent. I was doing everything to keep Brent out of trouble.


I have in-school detention till Wednsday. This sucks.
Current Mood: coldLong Winded

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